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Michelle, Brazil
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I really love this app and do yoga everyday. Even the free videos are enough to help you learn the basics and some of the advanced poses. You can even learn how to make your own workout. The premium version is even better if you want to dig into it, watch more styles and teachers and learn "how to's" for more advanced stuff. The content's so good I couldn't result giving it a 5!
I think you have done a terrific job in the past and you are still doing it today. I love how the website looks now and wouldn't change a thing. It looks awesome.
Love this app!! After trying a few different yoga app, I've been using DOYOU for about 2 years now. Love the teachers, love the sessions and all the different types of yoga offered. Although I enjoy many of the different teachers. Jess Rose is my go to daily teacher, I just love her classes she explains how to get into positions where I can understand and goes at a perfect pace for me, she's fun and silly and I always feel amazing after a session with her. Not to mention I've made amazing progress in my own practice all thanks to DOYOU. I recommend this app to all my fellow yogis ♥
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