Immune Booster

With a constant flow of news and updates flooding the web, your social media, and your messenger, it’s easy to get carried away and stop caring for your own well being. But don’t worry! We are all in this together. You know, the key to coping with tough times is keeping your body and mind healthy. And that’s exactly what this program will do. For the coming week, we will work together to keep your personal defence a.k.a. your immune system strong. To do this, we will focus on 4 areas that are scientifically proven to have a big impact on your immune system. - Exercise to keep your body fit - Meditation to keep your mind calm - Eating right to keep you nourished - And sleeping enough, to make sure you’re rested Every session consists of a 10-minute yoga routine, a 5 minute meditation, and practical advice on building healthy habits around eating and sleep. Alright, so how about we get started? Let’s do this!

Your Teacher
Jess Rose