The Complete Guide to Yoga for Men

This program features the basics of yoga to outdoor exercises to finding calmness and balance.

Led by world-renowned yogi, Raghunath, The Complete Guide to Yoga for Men will challenge the body, soothe the mind, and provide substantial yoga knowledge. You'll learn the basics and build strength while also increasing flexibility, mobility, and stability with classes of various lengths.

Course Content

Module 1

Yoga for Men Foundations

Ex-punk rocker turned yogi Raghunath breaks down the basics of yoga: what it is, why you should practice, and how you can benefit from it.

Module 2

Building True Flexibility

This module will guide you through deep stretches and the basics of flexibility. Learn yoga poses to help you touch your toes and become more limber.

Module 4

Mantastic Balance

Get your mantastic balance on in your yoga practice. Raghunath guides you through key balancing poses and sequences to increase your stability, both on and off the mat.

Module 5

Mantastic Strength

Power up your yoga practice with awesome strength building exercises. Work your whole body to build strength, with special focus on connecting breath with movement.

Module 6

Exploring Calmness

Keep calm and get centered so that you have a well-rounded and complete yoga practice. Learn the relevance of meditation and practical meditation tips.