The Complete Yoga Shred For Weight Loss

Get ready to shred with this program that will leave you leaner and lighter in no time!

Have fun and get in shape with this dynamic series led by lively and world-famous yoga instructor, Sadie Nardini. With under 15 minute classes, you'll burn fat, build strength, and boost energy super quickly!

Course Content

Module 1

Yoga Shred Foundations

The Yoga Shred is like no other yoga fitness program, and Sadie Nardini's here to tell you how to use it. Rock your yoga shred with these how-tos and basics.

Module 2

The Ultimate Cardio Yoga Shred

Fire up your body's fat burning processes with Sadie Nardini. Covering your entire body, this cardio module with have you well on your way to shredding!

Module 3

The Ultimate Core Yoga Shred

Ready to work on your core? Increase muscle building, burn more calories, and make your metabolism more efficient with the Core Yoga Shred module.

Module 4

The Ultimate Weight Loss Yoga Shred

This module will help you up your fitness and drop some weight. Get all the wonderful benefits of working smarter, not harder, around your entire body.

Module 5

Yoga Shred Detox

Aimed at anyone who wants to detox, Yoga Shred style, this module will help you rock your detox in the best way possible.