The Ultimate Guide to Power Yoga

Build some heat in this electrifying power yoga series that challenge the entire body!

Fire up your practice with the Total Body Power Yoga series led by world-renowned yoga instructor, Leah Cullis. With quick classes around 15 minutes in length, you'll learn the basics of power yoga then apply that knowledge with fluid body movement to burn fat, solidify the core, center the mind.

Course Content

Module 1

Power Yoga Foundations

Power up your yoga practice to be the strongest you can be.This module breaks down the breath work involved, as well as the Sun Salutation variations used in Power Yoga.

Module 2

Core Power Yoga

Leah Cullis guides you through different yoga sequences to work all aspects of your core. Fire up your core in new ways to bring power to your movements.

Module 3

Power Yoga Flows

Energize your body and mind by linking your breath with your Power Yoga practice. This module will bring fluidity into your powerful practice.

Module 4

Total Power Yoga

Work from the ground up to enhance your practice. This module teaches you how to draw energy up and in, so your body works as one powerful unit.