Ultimate Yoga Body

This Vinyasa series will help sculpt your yoga body from head to toe.

Connect the breath with body movement in this invigorating series that will help sculpt your yoga body with quick 15-minute classes. We'll concentrate first on separately toning the butt, core, and arms before combining it all together to flow with the entire body.

Course Content

Module 1

Total Arm Toning

Build that strength and learn how your body works best. This module for intermediate students will help strengthen your upper body, so that you can work towards more advanced asanas.

Module 2

Body & Breath

Bring more awareness to your yoga body with the breath. This module will help you move in a careful, controlled, and safe way, so you can achieve that awesome "yoga high."

Module 3

Total Core Toning

Fire up the core in all new ways and bring that confidence into your life. Aimed at intermediate practitioners, learn new ways of working your core to enhance your practice.

Module 4

Total Butt Toning

This module for intermediate practitioners will work your whole lower half, from your yogi toes to your yogi butt, for a healthier and more toned body.