Kino MacGregor’s Yoga Practice Kit

Develop your yoga practice step-by-step with this engaging series led by Kino MacGregor.

This immersive program led by world-famous yoga instructor, Kino MacGregor, will take your practice to all new heights. With 15-30 minute practices, you'll flow through balancing poses, expand your advanced pose repertoire, and find relaxation.

Course Content

Module 1

Stress Relief with Kino

Feeling overwhelmed like you can't get anything done? This module consists of slower, relaxing classes, and sequence breakdowns for beginners and intermediate practitioners.

Module 2

Balance with Kino

Kino teaches the essence of balancing and building strength. You'll focus on everything from your core, to backbends, twists, and how to find your balance in yoga.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions